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Recital Information

Theatre Rehearsal – HOW IT WILL WORK?

Timetable for Monday 1st through to Thursday 4th November for all the rehearsals being held at Whirinaki Whare Taonga (Expressions) in Upper Hutt.

Theatre Rehearsal – Timetable PDF

It is a crazy full on week however it is really important for dancers to attend all their rehearsals, as each time they get on stage they get more and more confident. Which means that the real performances will be star quality! For Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Rehearsals.

When you drop off your child (remember this is the back entrance) they will be signed in by a parent in charge of your group, who will then sit with them for the duration of the rehearsal, then bring them all out at the end and sign them out back to you.

The exception being for the Olympics and Martians groups where the parents will be allowed in with them.

Please note: this door will be locked at all times and only opened for the swap over times so please do not drop your child early. It is my suggestion that you carpool with friends so someone drives a car load of dancers up, and then someone else picks them up but please ensure your child knows who they are going home with. These rules are all in place because of our level two conditions. Because of this, rehearsals are slightly different to previous years so that we don’t have to be back and forth to this door.

For Thursday Rehearsals
No parents/spectators will be allowed in for these practices so all children will be signed in and out at the same back entrance. This is a complete run through of each part so dancers know who they dance after, and they will be able to sit in the audience and watch and support each other. I will have senior and adult students looking after them.

Photo Day

Individual and Group Photos will be held on Sunday 31st October at our studio. All students to attend in full hair/make-up and costume, timetable to follow soon.

Photo Day Timetable PDF

Recital help needed

Unfortunately, due to the strict numbers allowed backstage (due to Level 2) we will not be requiring any parent help but will be looking to the senior and adult students to fill these roles. However, we do need parents to sign children in and out for all the shows – Please contact me if you are able to help?

Trophies/Prize giving

A reminder for all trophies to be returned urgently.

Outstanding $

Please ensure you pay your costume coordinator promptly so they are not out of pocket. A huge thank you to all the busy bees organizing the beautiful costumes. It is very much appreciated by all the dancers, teachers and parents.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, either email or phone 021 114 1137.

Thanks everyone, Caroline