Uniform requirements

It is compulsory for students to wear uniform to class every week. The student will feel like a dancer and will give a better performance/commitment to their class. It is acceptable for students to wear our dance t-shirt (available in three colours) with either the ¾ leggings or lycra shorts for class but they do need the exam uniform as outlined below

Pre-Grade 1 & 2 – Jazz

Navy Blue Leggings
Dance T-shirt (available in red, orange and blue)

Pre-Grade 3 and Upwards – Jazz / Tap / Contemporary

3/4 leggings with coloured pinstripe down sides.
Body top with coloured pinstripe down sides.

Boys – All disciplines

Navy Blue Shorts/Pants
Dance T-shirt (available in red, orange and blue)

Tap Shoes

All TAP students please ensure your screws are tight. They need to be checked regularly as they do loosen. A screwdriver is at the studio if needed.

Class Attire
Class Attire

Hip Hop Uniform

All Grades

3/4 leggings
Dance T-shirt (available in red, orange and blue)


Navy Blue Shorts/Pants
Dance T-shirt (available in red, orange and blue)

Coming Soon

NEW unisex all grade hip hop pants – Drop crotch Style


All HIP HOP students please note no streetwear shoes to be worn in the studio. We suggest black canvas shoes from The Warehouse or #1 Shoes which range from $5 to $15.

Hip Hop Uniform
Hip Hop Uniform – Options
Hip Hop Uniform and/ or Class Attire

Our Uniform Prices

Second Hand Uniform/Shoes

We have a secondhand shop that opens at various times during the term. Or alternatively you can arrange a time to meet with a teacher.

Friendly Reminders

It would be appreciated if students could arrive at least five minutes before their class so they can get ready (i.e. put shoes on, tighten hair).

Students not to use cell phones during class.

Students to remain inside studio if their parents have not arrived to pick them up. Please no hanging around outside, particularly on their own. Also we have had a couple of near misses with cars vs children so please ensure young children are safely seen across the road, especially when lots of of cars are parked.