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Our Teachers
Dance is art in motion

The wonders of teaching is watching caterpillars become butterflies (author unknown)
Registered Teacher of NZAMD (Solo Dip) 

Caroline Stewart

Caroline opened the dance school in 1991 when she was 16 years old. A passionate dance teacher who is still amazed (and thankful) every day on the success of CSSD. She teaches students in a variety of methods, from demonstration to verbal direction on all the disciplines offered. Her love of dance is equal to that of her students. Caroline inspires students to do their best and have fun – Behind every dancer who believes in themselves is a teacher who believed in them first.

Registered Teacher of NZAMD & UDO

Nicole Stewart

Nicole is a founding student of CSSD having completed both the Original and American NZAMD Syllabi. With 21 years teaching under her belt Nicole has taught jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop and is also an aqua aerobics instructor. Known as the Hip Hop Sister, she engages, encourages and motivates her students to reach their goals.

Denise McMillan-Perry

Denise’s passion for dance and movement developed from an early age. Initially she started in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics and this progressed to Jazz dancing where she competed successfully in dance competitions both locally and nationally. Denise has been teaching at CSSD for 8 years passing on her knowledge and experience; encouraging, challenging and help fulfilling students’ joy of dance. She has a passion for choreography, often trying to push boundaries.

Tamzin Richards

Tamzin has been dancing since she learnt to walk and is currently studying all the disciplines with hip hop being her favourite, for which she received a NZAMD Scholarship Nomination in 2018. She loves to choreograph and has really enjoyed sharing her passion with students in her first year of teaching.

Kerenza McMillan

Kerenza has been dancing with CSSD for many years and has completed the NZAMD hip hop and tap syllabuses. She is currently studying jazz and teaches both jazz and tap to junior students.